When buying a new home there are so many factors to consider: location, convenience, affordability, home features, the neighborhood, and amenities, just to name a few.  We’d like to add one more. When it comes to buying a home,  good schools are an important component, whether or not you have children.

Realtors often cite school districts as the number one factor for families looking for a new home.  Parents want to provide their children the highest quality education possible. Good schools offer a safe environment conducive to learning, up-to-date facilities, smaller classes, individual instruction, higher test scores, better extra-curricular activities and more. All that adds up to giving homebuyers peace of mind knowing their children are in good hands.

For those without children, schools still often weigh heavily in the purchase decision for one simple reason. When it comes to resale, homes in good school districts tend to preserve value better and sell more quickly than those in lower-quality school districts.

How do you determine if a school district or specific schools make the grade? Check the statistics.  The Illinois Report Card is a great go-to resource for homebuyers. A wealth of information is available for every aspect of the educational system including demographics, graduation rates, teacher retention and education level, class sizes and standardized test scores.  You can also compare how the school ranks this year vs previous years.

Next, read and compare one district against another.  Specific elementary, middle and high school data are also available. Compare schools in one district or across multiple districts. Make on-site visits to schools and schedule a tour. Take a look at the age and condition of the facilities and the extra-curricular activities available to students. If possible, meet with the principal and some of the administrators and faculty as well.

It’s a smart move to include the quality of the school district in your home-buying decision process. You can’t put a price on good schools and high quality education, especially if you children. And, a higher resale value of your home is a win-win for everyone.  We wish you the best in choosing the right home for your family!

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