With the Holidays right around the corner, think about the key role your kitchen plays in the hustle and bustle of the season. Whether baking cookies or preparing food for a large family meal, the kitchen is the entertainment hub of the home.  Great kitchen designs are optimal for year-round use but are especially important during the busy Holiday season. Here are a few things to consider:

  • An open kitchen design offers the best layout for entertaining, especially during the Holidays. A kitchen that opens into a great room or family room provides the best opportunity for cooks to be involved in activities and discussions while preparing the appetizers or the Thanksgiving feast!
  • The work triangle is an integral part of any kitchen design. Make sure the path from the refrigerator to the sink to the range flows well for your food prep and cooking style. For maximum efficiency, counter space should be available on either side of these three work centers.
  • Make sure there’s enough lighting in all work areas of your kitchen. With today’s options, there are plenty of ways to make your kitchen lighting functional as well as decorative. Choose lighting that will accent your kitchen décor as well as illuminate it! Task lighting, decorator lighting all perform better on dimmers!
  • Plenty of counter space is a must! You’ll need all of that area for multiple preparation workstations and to serve a big meal. While you’re multi-tasking, you’ll have enough room to dice vegetables, make pie crusts, prepare and slice the turkey and mash the potatoes (always helpful when you need an extra set of hands helping too!).
  • A generous kitchen island is ideal for entertaining especially during the Holidays. It provides extra workspace for food prep, room to serve appetizers, as well seating options for guests.
  • Make those cabinets above the refrigerator usable! Consider a single door that opens from the bottom up instead of 2 doors opening out. That makes it easier to store and access those items you only use once or twice a year.
  • Choose the most energy efficient kitchen appliances possible – they’ll be humming during the Holiday season! Think about Holiday entertaining when you select a size and type of oven. Choose a double oven or a large single oven that provides enough room to cook the turkey and bake side dishes so everything is piping hot when served to guests.
  • Let’s face it, not many of us enjoy washing dishes by hand, especially for a large crowd of guests! Make clean-up a breeze with 2 dishwashers. If you serve your Holiday meals and beverages on fine china and crystal goblets, consider a dishwasher with special settings so your precious heirlooms can be cleaned but not damaged.

Next Generation Signature Home’s kitchens are designed with everyday living as well as entertaining larger groups in mind.  Open floorplans, large kitchen islands and plenty of counter space make it easy to prepare food and enjoy festivities at the same time.  If you would like more information about our new construction homes in the Western Suburbs, please contact us at 331.229.1140 or complete our online contact form. Join our e-list to get the latest information about our communities and new home designs.