You’ve purchased a new Next Generation Signature Home – congratulations! Now it’s time to make it your dream home signature style by choosing how it will look both inside and out. Many of the decisions are yours to make, but Next Generations Signature Homes is with you every step of the way.  We’ll take you through the whole process answering any questions you have, while also working within your budget and style constraints. So let’s get started!

You’re now ready to begin the three stages of designing your dream home! Each stage of the selection process is critical in determining how Next Generation processes your building permit, materials and work orders to the trade contractors who will build your home. They also play a key role in getting your home onto the construction schedule. Timing for selections is outlined in your purchase agreement.

Stage One begins with selecting the color of the exterior of your home. Once you’ve decided on a floorplan and elevation, you’ve already begun the process of determining how your home will look on the outside. This is also when you decide on any signature options that will impact the structural design and footprint of your home. These include room extensions, a fireplace, four season rooms, patios, a pet spa or any change that will affect the foundation, survey or building permit. Rough-in plumbing in the basement is also determined now, whether you plan to finish the basement now or in the future. It is important to note, that once decided, these changes are final.

As you move to Stage Two, you will begin working with one of our highly trained Interior Designers. This stage begins with determining any electrical, mechanical and plumbing options that may impact the structural design changes in Stage One of the original floorplan. We’ll also discuss framing changes needed for non-standard items such as French doors or additional windows. Upgrading standard structural options for specific rooms is also determined during this phase. This includes a Deluxe Owner’s Bath option, a whirlpool tub, or double sinks in the hall bathroom, extra room for built-in appliances in the kitchen or upgraded lighting options. If you have any changes to your kitchen cabinet design they must be made at this time as well. Any changes to the standard HVAC package of the home are also determined and upgraded as desired.

One of the most impactful areas of Stage Two selections is lighting.  In addition to light fixtures, we recommend you consider your needs for built-in lighting such as recessed lighting, ceiling fans, art that may need to be illuminated, dimmer switches, designer switch plates, or wall sconces for bedroom reading.  Low voltage options are discussed as well at this stage and include prewiring for televisions, phones, computers, and under cabinet lighting. We recommend that you take the floorplan of your home and mark where you will be needing specific lighting and outlets before meeting with your design team.

Next, we move to the fun part! In Stage Three, you’ll determine all interior finishes in your new home.  Standard features and finishes are available throughout the home, with upgraded options offered at several price points to meet varying budget and style levels. More general home-wide design decisions such as interior door styles, crown molding, baseboard and casing styles and flooring often kick off this phase.  We recommend for your color decisions that you consider the areas of the home with the most color impact first.  Our model home professional designers start this way, beginning with an inspirational fabric or wall paper that becomes the color-way for the entire model.  We recommend starting with the flooring selection then moving to cabinetry and then to paint color. From there, it becomes easier to pull colors that will coordinate your color-way for countertops, bathroom tile and carpet.  We’ll guide you to features and options available in your style and price range. We’ll also help you decide where to spend money on upgrades now and opportunities to delay some other options for the future.

In the kitchen, one of the most detailed areas of your home, many buyers consider granite or quartz countertops that come in several beautiful options.  Cabinetry is provided in standard finishes and can be upgraded to a wide selection of colors, cabinet door styles, hardware and finishes.  You will also select your kitchen sink, appliances, as well as cabinet hardware and a faucet.  Flooring for the kitchen and throughout the home can be upgraded at many different pricing levels.

There are so many options for the bathrooms! Many homeowners choose to upgrade to decorative tile and customize for their specific tastes. A variety of upgraded tiling options and finishes are available for both the hall and master baths. Tile designs are amazing and endless opportunities are available.  Your designer will sketch out your tile pattern and Listellos, if selected.  Plank styled tiles are very popular for baths, along with staggering brick patterns as well. Decorative tile accents are available to add a distinct design to the shower or bathroom walls and the shower floor. Options for vanity tops abound! Select standard cultured marble or upgrade to cultured granite or higher upgrade quartz. Top with a vessel sink and Voila!

There are so many options to consider for your new home it may seem overwhelming at times!  Just remember you’re the one selecting the final touches on your very own Signature Home, but we are with you every step of the way! Purchasing a home is a major decision, and we want you to be happy with the results. We’re here to help make your dream home a stylish reality!

If you’re considering purchasing or building a new home, we would love the opportunity to discuss options available in our new construction homes! Please give us a call at 331.229.1140 or complete our online contact form. You can also join our e-list to get the latest information about our community and new home designs.